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Swap Meets

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It is a behavior we have taken over from ancient times, because it is a thing we need for the skill of living all together and be at peace with ourselves. We live with codes related to altruist behaviors, sharing is just so in our nature!


However, as “social world” suppresses our prefrontal cortex, we draw into ourselves more; the system organizes micro areas consisting of our own needs and opportunities, and our kids are actually born into these worlds. And they become weaker as they lack the skill of thinking themselves and the other all together. Sharing becomes something that no longer gives pleasure and lightens the soul.


We cannot make a different school successful with only its garden, toys, teacher attitudes. We can only create the “different, beautiful and powerful” option with its common table, its swap market, walking in the nature together, producing labor together, creating a reference to the kids for sharing and producing.

We are a happy school with its swapping tradition!