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Dietary Principles

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Basic Dietary Principles

  • The food is primarily purchased from local and ecological networks.
  • Vegetables and fruits are always consumed in season without an exemption.
  • Our school does not use instant soups, bouillon tablets, condiments, bottled spice blends and all types of soup are cooked using traditional methods.
  • Tomato paste, tomato puree, canned fruits and vegetables, juices, tarhana and dehydrated foods are also prepared using traditional methods in season and stored at appropriate temperatures and conditions.
  • For breakfast, any kind of jam, chocolate spread and flavored milk powder are not served. We prefer tahini molasses, honey and strained yogurt instead.
  • Ready-to-drink juices and carbonated soft drinks are not served. We prefer freshly squeezed citrus fruits, fruit concentrates and compotes prepared in season.
  • We never included sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise etc. in Arkadaş Okul’s cuisine since the first day. Charcuterie products like sausage, salami, sujuk etc. are also not included in the menu.

*With the decision of our school council, red and white meat have been removed entirely from our diet and animal protein sources such as milk, yogurt and eggs have been excluded from this decision. We mainly use rich varieties of nutrients containing vegetable protein.

  • Hot drinks are prepared with linden, cinnamon, turmeric, chamomile, ginger, clove, rosehip, apple and quince sweetened only with honey.
  • Refined sugar has been removed from our diet, we use alternatives such as dried fruits, carob extract, molasses, honey, stevia, etc.
  • We only use handmade dough for all kinds of pastrie, ready-to-eat yufka bread or frozen puff pastry etc. are not served. We also serve whole wheat bread and use whole wheat flour for all pastries.
  • Breakfast menu does not include processed products such as cereals, puffed rice etc.

  • Recipes containing controversial products in terms of GMO such as corn and soybeans are not used.