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School Identity

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How does Arkadaş School define itself?

Arkadaş School defines itself as an effort for alternative education that supports happy, egalitarian, free and cooperative learning environments in which children can recognize themselves and social dynamics they experiencing, so that their personality improves freely and healthfully.

 Principles of Arkadaş School

It believes in alternative education.

It advocates that each child has different learning thresholds and motivation.

It believes that each child would be happy with their own color of joy.

It advocates freedom and considers children’s imagination as the foundation of its existence.

Programs are focused on development rather than being success- and display-based. Its philosophy is based on sharing, not showing.

It considers early childhood as the most original period in an individual’s life and acts of being aware of that responsibility.

It has a solidarist approach.

It tries to be part of the actions taken for social ecology. Ecology is the primary source of learning areas and educational activities here.

It is pluralist.

It believes that another world is possible.

It is against sexism.

It is based on the idea that all people around the world are fellows and they are all equal.

It believes that the Earth does not belong only to human beings.

It defends animal rights and boycotts circuses, zoos and marine parks.

It adopts a critical approach towards the relationship between popular culture – market – children.

It treats differences within society as luck and acts respectful and sensitive to individual, sexual and social variance.