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Fair Education

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Fair trade is a social movement that organises the trade networks looking out for labour and ecology initially. It shares a better world vision through those organisations based on equitability and sustanability.The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) is global community and verifier of social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. Fair Trade Enterprises which spread across 76 countries are producing and trading, campaigning and educating for a better world. The WFTO is their global community.

Fair pedagogy is conceptualised by Arkadaş Okul to provide a basis to set a model regarding to fair principles on education.

Arkadaş Okul, which is among the first formal democratic/alternative education practices in Turkey, has completed the “Fair Education” innovation and combined the Yedi Iklim Model with fair education that will make fairness an education notion as an outcome of the cooperative process carried out with World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) to share the knowledge and action it has been generating since 2009, integrating its own early childhood formation with primary school perspective, to support schools, parents and teachers all around the country through its own education model, and to contribute to fair education.

Yedi Iklim ECC has been acknowledged as the world’s first Fair School by WFTO and has started its actions by fall 2020 to help fair pedagogy spread all over the world and Turkey.

“Yedi Iklim Education Cooperative”, established for this purpose, takes actions to extend the concept of fair pedagogy involving a primary school formation, to spread fair education model, to collaborate with local authorities and to accredit work specific to this field.

Fair education is fundementally based on “Yedi Iklim Model”. For further information, visit our web site and WFTO’s.