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Rail Journeys

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 All those trains we drew when we were child… No locomotives without smoke!

Curiously enough, steam locomotives were always the main protagonists even though we had never seen one. More surprisingly, most children can still draw those trains perfectly. For adults, trains are considered as a symbol of romance in literature and movies.  For children, it is an exciting character with its caterpillar-like structure, its powerful locomotive resembling a rhino, its whale-like whistle and mysterious rooms hiding hundreds of people.

Very few children can experience a train travel throughout which they would liken the rhythm of the railroad tracks to a song; see fields, mountains, lowlands and people gardening, and walk on the railroad after they just get off the train at a nice, nostalgic station.

That’s why we love these trips. Every year, we all take a train to see one of the villages of Izmir.