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Yedi Iklim Food Community

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Today, chemical-free foods, sourdough breads, soft soap and dishes cleaned with wood ash have given way to industrialized products that usually ignore ecological balance. It has become a social issue to seek for clean, healthy and chemical-free food in a world in which urbanites overshade villagers, best-looking fruits overshade ugly and wormy ones and white bread overshades homemade village bread. Just then, food communities and cooperatives have established networks encouraging small-scale producers to make ecological balance visible, to raise awareness about destruction of nature and to make healthy food possible for everyone.

It may take significant effort for families to seek and reach clean food.

For this reason, families and employees have established a food community based on a solidarist and participatory model to reach clean and chemical-free food.

The community reaches to eco-friendly suppliers and organizes the transportation of goods to community members. However, it makes an effort to get involved in producers’ stories, to maintain fair work and productivity and to form “creative” identities rather than a producer-consumer relationship.