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Sharing, Not Showing

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Skip the show, let’s share and stick together!

Early childhood and second childhood are the periods of rapid growth and sometimes you may even observe significant changes in a day. Development- and process-based perspective towards education becomes more of an issue in such period. Result-oriented activities neglect discussions about the results, their extent, possibility that they may vary according to child’s characteristics, moreover, different results might be obtained from the same child even in a short period of time.


Shows lead to stress in children, which is not suitable for their continual development process while causing a success based disturbance.Yedi Iklim criticizes the idea of “show” entirely and we have no year-end shows, special performances or exhibits here. It also believes that children may succeed in various areas which may not always be exhibited easily like an art work, success is not always visible and the proper thing to do is to observe what happens during the process rather than watching the demonstration.


How/Where We Come Together with Families?

In Arkadaş School, families and children come together to play, to create together, to share what they know, to hold swap meets, to walk through nature, to camp, to enjoy rail journeys, to share their dreams next to the wood stove with chestnuts on it, to build shelters for stray animals, to cut fresh pasta for winter, to share their knowledge and experiences about education, ecology and children, to discuss issues for the food community, to restore a playground or to claim a living space, in other words, “to share and act with solidarity” rather than just showing off.